We are thrilled to announce that Juji has been featured in a New York Times article titled “'No-Code' Brings the Power of AI to the Masses”. The article by Craig S. Smith explores the rising trend of no-code software that enables anyone to utilize artificial intelligence without needing to understand complex programming.

Our co-founder and CEO, Michelle Zhou, explained our goal of making the development of AI chatbots as simple as creating a PowerPoint presentation. She emphasized our mission to create chatbots embedded with advanced human soft skills, thereby offering a deeper connection and higher interaction quality between chatbots and users.

The article highlights how Juji's no-code interface enabled the University of Illinois to design and manage their custom AI chatbot, thus expanding their student recruitment operations. This achievement showcases Juji's potential to empower organizations to adopt AI and use it skillfully, irrespective of their technical expertise.

The New York Times piece expertly discusses the rise and impact of no-code AI solutions and how they're empowering "citizen developers", people with diverse backgrounds, to harness the capabilities of AI without the need for comprehensive coding skills or technical knowledge.

The no-code movement, which relies on user-friendly web interfaces rather than complex programming languages, is paving the way for the wider adoption and application of AI. It's helping to democratize AI by giving more people the tools to create AI-enabled software and solutions. Juji is proud to be part of this transformation.

But the no-code movement is also encouraging innovation within businesses. As the article notes, most early adopters of no-code AI tools are business professionals seeking to streamline operations and create more efficient workflows without the need to hire programmers or developers. With tools like Juji, they can create custom AI solutions that meet their unique needs.

We are honored to be recognized in The New York Times as contributing to the democratizing of AI technology and look forward to continuing our mission of making complex AI technologies more accessible to users of all skill levels.

As we continue to innovate and grow, we are excited to lead the charge in empowering individuals and organizations to harness the power of AI in accessible and meaningful ways. Check out the full New York Times article here to learn more about the transformative power of no-code AI.