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Juji's Revolutionary AI Chatbot Builder Featured in the New York Times

We are thrilled to announce that Juji has been featured in a New York Times article titled “'No-Code' Brings the Power of AI to the Masses”. The article by Craig S. Smith explores the rising trend of no-code software that enables anyone to utilize artificial intelligence without needing to understand complex programming.

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How no-code, reusable AI will bridge the AI divide

In a recently published article in InfoWorld, our esteemed CEO Dr. Michelle Zhou addressed the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology and discussed a breakthrough that could be a major game-changer across industries - the advent of No-Code Reusable AI. This article provides a profound perspective and insight into the future of AI. Today, we're going to dissect and delve into the key points of the discussion.

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DIY Your First AI Chatbot: If You Can Use PowerPoint, You Can Build an AI Chatbot

Gartner predicts that 80% of business applications will have a chatbot by 2021.

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Three Big Ideas Behind the Surprising Power and Ease of Use of Juji Platform

When people first use Juji, they are often amazed by how easy it is to create an intelligent chatbot with the platform. This reaction of pleasant surprise is particularly pronounced for people in the know, i.e. technical people who have actually done relevant work before. I am talking about the CTOs, the NLP researchers, and the employees of big technology firms.

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