Juji Technical Talks

  1. Huahai Yang. (2023) Generative AI: Past, Present, and Future – A Practitioner's Perspective. Invited Talk, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. [slides]
  2. Michelle X. Zhou and Wenxi Chen (2021) Democratizing AI: Creating Cognitive AI Assistants with No Coding. ACM Tech Talks on AI & Machine Learning. April, 2021. Recorded talk on Youtube.
  3. Michelle X. Zhou. (2021) Cognitive AI Assistants: A New Generation of AI Companions. Invited Keynote, The Workshop on Lifelong Learning and Personalization in Long-Term Human-Robot Interaction (LEAP-HRI) at ACM Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) 2021. March, 2021.
  4. Michelle X. Zhou. (2020) Conversational AI Agents That Can Truly Understand and Help Users. ACM RecSys 2020. Keynote
  5. Wenxi Chen. (2020) A Chatbot Platform that Everyone Can Use. Nvidia GPU Technology Conference GTC 2020. [video] [slides]
  6. Huahai Yang. (2020) Datalevin: a Simple Datalog Database for Building Stateful Applications. London Clojurians Meetup. [slides]
  7. Huahai Yang. (2020) Data Diffing Based Software Architecture Patterns. Clojure/north 2020. [slides] [Q&A Video]
  8. Michelle X. Zhou. (2020) You Really Get Me: Conversational AI That Can Truly Understand and Help Users AAAI'2020 WICRS 2020.
  9. Michelle X. Zhou. (2020) Democratizing AI: The Easiest Way to Scale Business with AI Helpers. ACM SF Meetup 2020.
  10. Michelle X. Zhou. (2019) Getting virtually personal: making responsible and empathetic "Her" for everyone. Youtube Video. ACM IUI' 2019 Keynote.
  11. Michelle X. Zhou. (2019) Getting Virtually Personal: Power Conversational AI to Fulfill Tasks and Personalize Chitchat for Real-World Applications.. ACM ICMI' 2019 Tutorial.
  12. Huahai Yang. (2018) A Clojure Fusion of Symbolic and Data Driven AI. Clojure Conj 2018. [slides]

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