CXSCOOP, the leading media featuring latest information technology for customer experience and customer relationship management, published a story about Juji. Senior Tech Reporter, Sandra Radlovacki Vukanovic, recently featured Juji in an article titled "New Juji Tool Helps Companies Automate Chatbot Building".

Our newly launched software allows organizations to swiftly create custom AI-based chatbots without the need for in-depth coding skills or extra IT support. As an extension of our already user-friendly Juji Studio, this innovative no-code chatbot builder marries cognitive AI with an intuitive graphical user interface, giving life to chatbots equipped with advanced 'soft skills'. These skills include closely listening to customer queries and reading between the lines, enabling a truly high-touch and personalized customer engagement.

Our Co-founder and CTO, Dr. Huahai Yang, emphasizes the uniqueness of our AI tool, stating that unlike other platforms, which mainly produce static content, Juji's technology is designed to "generate autonomous AI chatbots that are customized to a specific workflow and proprietary knowledge".

The technology we utilize is not only unique; it's empathetic. Our platform uses computational psychology to equip our chatbots with soft skills that engender more empathetic interactions — a trait that's especially critical when dealing with sensitive topics.

At Juji, we recognize the pivotal role high-touch engagement plays in making high-stakes decisions. This is why our new tool auto-generates AI chatbots custom-fitted to this demand. The chatbots we produce not only engage users proactively but also possess the ability to infer users' personality traits in real-time, ably guiding users through high-stake decision-making processes including, for instance, career choices.

Our Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Michelle Zhou, shed light on the power of generative AI and the importance of harnessing it rightly. "Our new tool enables organizations, with or without AI or IT expertise, to harness the power of generative AI uniquely and safely. This is a significant advancement towards democratizing AI and bridging the AI divide," she remarked.

Indeed, we are thrilled to champion the democratization of AI. Our vision extends to enabling organizations to automate high-value engagements, embedding empathy at every stage of interaction.

For those with a tech-savvy palate, Juji now offers a chatbot scripting solution that provides the capability to put together a chatbot that can handle more complex business tasks like presenting data in interactive charts. This feature also allows for third-party AI plugins or pre-built custom chatbot elements for reuse.

As we celebrate this media recognition, we reaffirm our commitment to revolutionize the AI space and augment high-value, empathetic, and uniquely personalized user engagements. Stay tuned for more updates!