On August 10, 2023, the AI For All Podcast hosted a riveting episode featuring Dr. Michelle Zhou, Co-Founder and CEO of Juji, who joined Ryan Chacon and Neil Sahota to delve into the fascinating world of Cognitive AI.

The AI For All podcast episode delved into various aspects of cognitive AI, its benefits, and its future in enterprise.

Key discussion points included:

Cognitive AI: This technology, at its core, mimics human intelligence, helping machines understand, interpret, and respond to human behaviors.

Benefits of Cognitive AI: The technology can help organizations provide personalized services at scale, and can also perform complex tasks that are typically time-consuming for humans.

Artificial Empathy: Zhou explained the role of artificial empathy in enhancing human-machine interactions.

Robots vs Chatbots: The discussion highlighted the distinguishing features and uses of robots and chatbots, two integral components of modern AI technology.

Psychographics in AI: Psychographics, the study of people's attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, are crucial in AI to create more personalized and impactful interactions.

Adoption of Cognitive AI in Enterprises: Zhou stressed the importance of enterprises adopting cognitive AI, citing its potential to provide scalable, personalized customer service.

No-code AI: The conversation touched on the rise of no-code AI platforms, which allow individuals without coding expertise to build and customize AI applications.

AI as an Assistant: The panel discussed the role of AI as an assistant, offering help and support in a variety of contexts.

Future of AI: The discussion wrapped up with thoughts on the future of AI, with Zhou predicting a world where AI becomes an integral part of everyday life.

The full episode can be viewed online.