Cognitive AI for Talent Management

Juji powers cognitive AI assistants in the form of chatbots to engage with each job candidate or employee in a two-way conversation at scale.

Deeply personalize talent experiences to build a more productive and happier workforce.

Cognitive AI HR Assistant

AI assistant with human soft skills serves as an employee's HER in the workplace

One of the HR sweet spot practices for creating a happier and more productive workforce is to engage each employee in a two-way conversation, asking them questions, listening to their inquiries, and providing them with helpful information or guidance. The main challenge often is a lack of dedicated human resources to support such a practice.

Juji's cognitive AI assistants can augment HR to scale out this practice by engaging with each candidate or employee in a two-way conversation and serving as their personal workplace companion in their career journey while aiding HR team in the lifecycle of talent management: talent discovery (recruitment), talent retention, and talent development.

best no code HR ai chatbot design: HR ai chatbot in the lifecycle of talent management

Talent Discovery

Character matters. Hire a cognitive AI assistant to engage with each candidate in a two-way conversation and help assess person-orgnization fit:

Talent Retention

Engagement matters. Hire a cognitive AI assistant to engage with each employee in a two-way conversation at scale. Respond to their inquiries and provide them with useful information and guidance, 24x7.

Talent Development

Opportunity matters. Hire a cognitive AI assistant to check in with employees periodically in a two-way conversation at scale. Understand their career needs, assess their professional skills, and personalize their development plan.

best no code HR ai chatbot design: use no code to design HR chat workflow and ingest employee FAQ to deliver best HR ai talent development chat

Why Juji is Better


HR chatbots are to engage talents, candidates and employees alike, in two-way conversations, listening to their needs and delivering personalized help at scale, 24x7. Powered by a unique combination of generative AI and cognitive AI, Juji solution excels in four areas: chatbot service quality, implementation speed, chatbot maintenance, and chatbot handoff and integration, which provides organizations with the overall best ROI of HR chatbots.

Empathetic and Productive Conversations

Compared to other HR chatbots, Juji cognitive AI enables chatbots to engage employees in quality conversations and complete various tasks productively:

best no code HR ai chatbot design: use no code to design HR chat workflow and ingest employee FAQ to deliver best HR ai chat
best chat design: question and answering chatbot using pre-built AI and without coding

Fast to Build

Compared to other chatbot builders, Juji's no-code, reusable AI enables you to rapidly auto-generate and customize HR chatbots with all cognitive AI powers, in a matter of days.

50-100X faster

than any other chatbot builders

100% no code

chatbot setup and customization


Easy to Maintain & Improve

Like any AI solutions, HR chatbots need to be maintained and improved. Juji's no-code real-time AI learning enables HR professionals to teach and improve live HR chatbots continuously and instantly.

real-time notification

of unanswered user questions or user feedback

instant improvement of live chatbots

without interrupting ongoing chats, which no other chatbot solutions can offer.

best chat design: use real-time ai learning to improve ai chatbot and deliver best ai chat
best HR AI chatbot design: use chatbot to listen to employees and glean workforce insights continuously for the next best actions

Deep Workforce Insights

Unlike any other chatbots, Juji cognitive AI HR chatbots can read between the lines and automatically glean workforce insights continuously from conversations.

Such gleaned insights enable HR professionals to be informed about the workforce pulse, such as its emotional beat and skills map, to facilitate the next best actions.

Flexible Handoff and Integration

HR chatbots should support chatbot-human handoff when needed. Using the Juji chatbot settings dashboard, one can easily configure handoff policies or enable email notifications regarding unanswered employee questions or concerns.

HR chatbots also often need to be integrated with third-party systems, such as employee database and company knowledge base. Juji supports such integration easily in multiple ways.

best HR AI chatbot design: use chatbot settings to define human handoff policies and enable best ai chat

How It Works


Three Steps to Set up

Juji Studio enables HR professionals to build and launch a powerful HR chatbot rapidly in three (3) easy steps with no coding or no IT resources.

HR Chatbot templates

Define Chatbot Workflow

First, settle on the main tasks that your chatbot is set out to achieve. Then define a main chat flow to specify your tasks in two ways: manually specifying a workflow or asking AI to auto-generate one. For example, given a job role, AI can auto-generate a candidate interview flow that you can further customize.

best chat design: multi-turn question and answering (Q&A) chatbot

Build Employee FAQ

Use chatbot Q&A dashboard to define simple FAQs (e.g., uploading a CSV file) and add micro-learning modules that involve multi-turn interactions. Micro-learning modules are powerful ways to engage with employees in deeper conversations, such as providing them with actionable information or nudging them to take certain actions (e.g., registering for a course).

best chat design: use real-time chatbot analytics dashboard to monitor and improve q&a chatbot

Launch Chatbot

Once you're ready, launch your HR chatbot. You can directly launch it on your website or within Facebook Messenger. Using Juji API, it is also easy to incorporate your chatbot into a mobile app, an internal employee portal, or an employee social media channel, such as Slack or Microsoft Team. After the launch, remember to supervise your chatbot by continuously improving it. Read more below.


AI chatbot platform: manage chatbot

Supervise Your Chatbot
via Real-Time Dashboard

Juji Studio provides you with a real-time dashboard to monitor and supervise your HR chatbot.

Periodically monitor the dashboard to address action items—any unanswered user questions or unaddressed user feedback, to improve your chatbot. You can also view and download employee insights for the next best actions.

best chat design: use chatbot analytics dashboard to view user-asked questions and deliver best ai chat experience

User Question Analytics

Use Juji dashboard to view audience informationgleaned from chats, including the types of questions user asked and user characteristics for personalized customer service.

best chat design: use chatbot analytics dashboard to view dunanswered user questions and deliver best ai chat

Unanswered Question List

Use Juji dashboard to view unanswered user questions gathered from user chats in real time. You can then address these questions to improve a live chatbot instantly.


Best Practice

The best HR chatbot should engage candidates or employees in two-way conversations. With Juji Studio, one can easily achieve all following goals in one HR chatbot:

best chat design: customer service chatbot elicits customer feedback

Live Demo

Experiencing is believing. Interacting with Ava to experience employee FAQ and micro-learning of company policies and compliance.

live demo HR chatbot for employee faq


born: May, 2022

Main Skills

I was made in just a couple of days with #NOCODE to showcase how I can interact with employees within an organization. In particular, I was made to demonstrate the following skills.

Answering employee FAQs

handling diverse employee inquiries on various topics, such as employee benefits and company culture.

Providing on-demand micro-learning

per employee inquiries, guiding them to learn more and take actions for better workplace success.

Connecting employees with HR professionals

per employee concerns, performing quick assessments and helping connect them with HR professionals if needed.

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