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Design AI Chatbot

Create Your First AI Chatbot

To create your very first chatbot, you have two ways of doing it. One way is to create a new chatbot from scratch using one of the Juji chatbot templates; the other way is to import an existing Juji chatbot.

Create a new chatbot from scratch

Just click on the "+" button to create a new chatbot.

Juji Studio Create a New Chatbot

Select a chatbot deployment channel

Juji currently supports two direct deployment channels: Facebook Messenger and a website. Because each channel may support different custom chatbot messages, you will choose a channel to start. If you do not know which channel you will use yet, we suggest that you choose the web channel as it is most generic.

Juji Studio Create Chatbot Select a Channel

Select a chatbot template

Juji provides a set of task-specific templates that can be used to create a chatbot. If you wish to start with a clean slate, you also have the option of selecting the blank template, which includes only a Welcome message and a Wrap-up message, leaving the main chat flow empty for further customization.

Juji Studio Create Chatbot Select a Template

General Chatbot Templates. Juji templates are organized by domains. If a template is domain agnostic, it is considered a general template. For example, the templates that can be used for conducting conversational surveys or product marketing are placed under the "General" category.

Juji Studio General Chatbot Templates

HR (Talent Management) Chatbot Templates. Juji provides three sets of domain-specific templates. One domain is talent management for Human Resources (HR). This set of templates covers the whole spectrum of talent management, from talent recruitment, talent engagement, to talent development.

Juji Studio HR Chatbot Templates

Education Chatbot Templates. The second domain that Juji covers is education and learning, covering the whole student lifecycle, from student recruitment, onboarding, to learning and assessment.

Juji Studio Education Chatbot Templates

Healthcare Chatbot Templates. The third domain that Juji covers is healthcare, covering various telehealth tasks, such as patient triage and engagement (check in).

Juji Studio Healthcare Chatbot Templates

Before choosing a chatbot template, you can always preview sample chats produced by the template by clicking on the "eye" icon associated with each template.

Juji Studio Preview A Chatbot Template

Once you select a template to create a chatbot, you will be able to preview the chatbot or customize the created chatbot immediately. See more below on how to customize a chatbot.

Juji Studio Preview or Customize A Chatbot

Import a Juji chatbot

Instead of creating one from scratch, you can use the "import" button to import an existing Juji chatbot.

Juji Studio Import a Chatbot

An existing Juji chatbot is stored in a file with a file extension .juji. Here is how you can export a Juji chatbot to share with others or with a different Juji account.

Juji Studio Import a Chatbot Popup

Customize AI Chatbot

Once a chatbot is created or imported, a chatbot creator can use Juji Studio to customize the chatbot from three aspects:

Customize Main Chat Flow

Just like a human assistant, every AI chatbot on Juji has a "playbook", which contains a workflow and drives the chatbot to take actions. This "playbook" is defined as the main chat flow in Juji Studio, also known as the conversation agenda. A typical flow threads one or more conversation topics to drive a conversation forward. A chatbot template contains a pre-built flow and a creator can customize such a flow by adding, removing, and editing a topic in the flow. Read More.

Customize Q&A and Fallback

AI chatbots should be able to answer user inquiries or respond to user comments any time during a chat. To enable such capabilities, a chatbot creator can add, remove, and edit a Q&A list and fallback handling as shown below. Read More

Customize Chatbot Persona and Beyond

A chatbot creator may also want to customize the chatbot persona as well as other chat-related settings, such as controlling the pace of a chat. Read More

Test AI Chatbot

One can test a chatbot easily by clicking on the "Preview" button. This allows a chatbot creator to interact with the chatbot, testing how the chatbot works immediately and what improvements may be needed.

Juji Studio Preview a Chatbot

What's Next

Once a chatbot is ready, you can deploy it onto a website or a Facebook page. Please check out Chatbot Deployment to deploy your AI chatbot.