No-Code Building
Cognitive AI Chatbot

Juji Studio combines cognitive AI with intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), enabling you to build the best AI chatbots without code.

Why Juji is Better


First, Juji enables you to build turnkey, cognitive AI assistants in the form of chatbots faster with out-of-the-box AI. Second, Juji enables you to customize any Juji AI chatbots faster using no-code AI tools. Third, Juji enables you to improve Juji AI faster by supporting real-time AI learning and live chatbot upgrade.

Build Chatbot Faster:
Out-of-the-box AI

Unlike other chatbot builders, with which you have to teach chatbots from scratch, Juji Studio powers chatbots with rich, pre-built cognitive AI powers. So you can focus on designing chat content instead of teaching AI to your chatbot. The ideal conversational AI design setting for beginners.

Here are some of the pre-built cognitive AI powers:

	     chat design: using sentiment analysis to deliver the best ai
one-stop-shop AI tools aid in best chat design

Customize Chatbot Faster:
One-stop-shop, No-code AI

Unlike other chatbot builders, which provide limited or siloed AI tools for you to customize a chatbot, Juji Studio provides integrated, no-code AI tools.

You can pick the tools you need without switching platforms or stitching together multiple AI tools.

Improve Chatbot Faster:
Real-time AI Learning

Few chatbot builders support rapid AI learning, let alone uninterruptive, live AI chatbot upgrade.

Juji Studio enables you to teach a chatbot AI skills (e.g., new chatbot Q&A) and improve a live chatbot instantly without interrupting ongoing conversations.

best chat design: using real time AI learning and improvement to deliver the best ai chat

How It Works


First, build an AI chatbot with out-of-the-box AI and no-code AI tools. Second, launch your chatbot to one or more channels. Third, use real-time data insights extracted from the chats to grow your audience and business.

No-Code AI Chatbot Builder



Similar to making PowerPoint slides, you design a chatbot flow, customize chatbot persona, and supply a chatbot Q&A list.

Juji will automatically manage how a dialog flows, handling arbitrary interruptions and maintaining the conversation context.


chatbot flow design

Design Main Chat Flow

Define a main flow to describe all chatbot-initiated actions, known as chatbot agenda topics. Like making PPT slides: one slide per topic—conversation topic.

Juji auto-generates a mini-dialog around each topic and links all topics together to form a coherent conversation.

customize chatbot persona

Customize Chatbot Persona

Customize your chatbot persona to match with your brand or tasks. You can select a stock persona with a particular personality or define a custom one. You need a profile photo and a name.

best chat design: customize chatbot fallback to
		deliver best ai chat

Define Chatbot Fallbacks (Q&A)

User questions or requests can occur anytime during a chat. To respond to such arbitrary user questions and requests, you can set up secondary chatbot actions, known as chatbot fallbacks.

Simply submit a Q&A list in a CSV file or a GUI table to enable chatbot fallbacks.




point-and-click deployment of Facebook Messenger chatbot, website chatbot, or mobile app chatbot, instantly.

worry-free hosting that auto-scales with your business.

deploy chatbot
Facebook Messenger chatbot: Juji as a messenger chatbot maker to power messenger chatbot with AI

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Deploy your chatbot in Facebook Messenger to automate customer interactions on Facebook. Boost customer engagement, gain deep customer insights, and grow social media ROI.

website chatbot: powering chatbots with AI on a website

Website Chatbots

Deploy your chatbot on your website as your "eyes" and "ears" to interact with your site visitors. They can introduce products, answer visitor questions, and gather sales leads.


grow business with the best ai chat



use chatbot analytics dashboard to view real-time chat stats and audience analytics for the next best action.

integrate with additional tools, e.g., marketing and CRM, to transform data insights into growth and profits.

chatbot question list - summary of user questions

User Question Analytics

Juji automatically analyzes questions asked by users during a conversation. This informs you what your users care about and what challenges they are facing so you can best help them.

best ai chat: analyze user answers gathered during a conversation

User Response Analytics

Juji automatically summarizes user responses gathered during a conversation. This informs you what your users are like, what motivates them, and what they need so you can best serve them.


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