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Juji API enables the integration of Juji chatbots into any applications or powering any chatbots with Juji cognitive AI. Make AI chat native to any app.

Why Chatbot API

As a full-stack AI chatbot platform, Juji provides you multiple ways to build and operate AI chatbots. Juji Studio and Juji IDE allow you to build, launch, and manage stand-alone Juji AI chatbots. Juji API, on the other hand, enables you to make Juji AI chatbots part of your own application or upgrade your existing chatbot with Juji superior AI powers.

Still not sure if you need to use Juji API? use the information below to decide.

chatbot use cases: stand-alone AI chatbot

When not to use Juji API
(building stand-alone AI chatbot)

If you want a chatbot and your answer is true to all the statements listed below, you don't need to use Juji API.

  • the chatbot will run on a website or in Facebook Messenger but not in any other channels.
  • the chatbot will run on its own instead of being part of another program or application.
  • the chatbot does just texting (e.g., no voice).
chatbot use cases: integrated AI chatbot with chat API

When to use Juji API
(building integrated AI chatbot)

If you build a chatbot application that must satisfy one or more requirements listed below, you will need to use Juji API.

  • the appearance of the chat window or chat messages must match with my brand.
  • the chatbot needs to be part of a mobile/web app and be tightly linked to business logic (e.g., user app activities).
  • I already have a chatbot and just want to add AI.

Juji API Advantages

Juji API is based on graphQL, which allows a client (your application) to query data from a server (the Juji chatbot server). GraphQL API has several advantages over other forms of API service (e.g., REST)

Juji chat API Advantages

How It Works


Juji API can be used alone or in conjunction with Juji Studio or Juji IDE to enable AI chat in diverse applications. Below we introduce three main types of Juji API applications.

Use chat API to integrate chatbot with existing applications


Enabling Juji Chatbot in
Existing Application

Your customers or employees engage with your brand through a mobile or web app. You want to enable a chatbot in the app to increase user engagement and provide better user service.

  • the chatbot's look must match that of the app;
  • the app manages the chatbot behavior (e.g., user authentication or app usage).

Juji API enables you to achieve your goals in three steps.

best chat design: no-coding ai chatbot building or ai chatbot scripting

Build Chatbot

Use Juji Studio or Juji IDE to build a chatbot for your task (e.g., customer service).

website chatbot: deploy AI chatbot to a website

Deploy Chatbot

Use Juji Studio to deploy your chatbot on the web and obtain the chatbot URL.

use Juji API to run a Juji chatbot in an application

Run Chatbot in Your App

Use Juji chat API and your chatbot URL to make the chatbot part of your app.


Juji Advantage

Best Chat Design: Supporting Collaborative Development of AI Chatbot

As shown above, Juji tools can be used together in chatbot development. One of the biggest advantages of Juji is to support collaborative chatbot development via different tools.


  • Content professionals, such as marketing and product managers, use Juji Studio to design chat flows and manage chatbot content; and
  • IT professionals use Juji IDE or Juji API to integrate a chatbot made in Juji Studio with internal business logic or applications.

This separation of duties ensures chatbot quality and development efficiency, while their collaboration maximize a chatbot ROI.

use no-coding AI chatbot builder and chat API together



Augmenting Juji Chatbot with External Power

Another main use of Juji chat API is to augment the capabilities of an existing Juji chatbot. Below are two such examples.

Augmenting Juji Chatbot with additional functions
AI chatbot demo: Juji chatbot turned into a voice bot demo

Enable Juji Chatbot to "Hear" and "Speak"

By default, a Juji chatbot does texting. Using Juji API, and any speech-to-text and text-to-speech API, you can turn a Juji chatbot into a voice-enabled AI, which can hear and speak. Try a live demo or download the source code.

turn Juji chatbot into a multilingual bot

Make Juji Chatbot Multilingual

By default, a Juji chatbot can understand only English. Using Juji API and any language translation API, you can enable your Juji chatbot to understand and speak other languages.


power existing chatbot with Juji AI


Upgrading Existing Chatbot
with Juji Super AI

If you have built a chatbot already or you like to build your chatbot with a particular chatbot tool or platform, you can still leverage Juji AI without abandoning your chatbot or your favorite tool.

You can use Juji API to "wrap up" your existing chatbot as Juji elements—describing what your chatbot plans to do. Juji super AI then takes care of how to do it.

Wrap-up Existing Chatbot with AI

You can easily wrap up each conversation element in an existing chatbot into a Juji element and construct a custom Juji config doc. Use Juji API to upload the custom config doc and launch the chatbot. Your chatbot will then gain Juji conversational AI powers instantly.

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