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Engage Your Employees in
Two-Way Conversations


One of the HR sweet spot practices is to engage employees in two-way conversations: listening to their needs and providing them with actionable information or guidance.

Interact with our live demo on this page to experience how a Juji cognitive AI HR assistant can engage employees at scale, 24x7. Even better, any HR professionals can set up and manage such an AI assistant customized to their workplace with #NOCODE.

What You Should Try

  • How many paid holidays do we have See how the AI answers the question with additional information for actions.
  • Do we offer tuition reimbursement See how the AI provides in-depth information and an entry to action to encourage employee learning.
  • I have a question for fire safety See how the AI provides personalized environmental safety compliance information and assessment.
  • I'm feeling depressed lately See how the AI responds and comes up with different follow-up actions for different situations.
  • How can I view my data by location See how the AI responds and provides instructional info, potentially for management, to help access people analytics.
cognitive AI chatbot is a responsible AI and delivers best ai chat
Top challenge in university online programs: engage students at scale w/ a human touch

What This Demo Does

  • Answer employee FAQ
  • Personalize micro-learning of
    HR policies and compliance procedures
  • Provide access to HR professionals when needed
  • Elicit employee feedback
  • Infer deep workforce insights for
    the next best actions

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