Cognitive AI for Healthcare

Juji powers cognitive AI assistants in the form of chatbots for telehealth.

Deeply personalize each patient engagement at scale, 24x7. Reduce administrative burdens, improve patient experience, and optimize care outcomes.

Why Juji is Better


Study shows that proactive patient engagement improves care outcome. Powered by super AI, a unique combination of generative AI and cognitive AI, Juji's healthcare solution enables the best-in-class chatbots to serve as hyper-personalized care assistants and aim at delivering superior care outcomes. These chatbots are also faster to build and easier to be integrated with other healthcare applications.

Superior Care Outcomes

Compared to traditional patient engagement method (e.g., via email or phone) or other healthcare chatbots, Juji chatbots are superior in optimizing care outcomes from two aspects:

improved patient experience

Juji chatbots can actively listen to and empathetically respond to users, increasing the level of user engagement and providing just-in-time assistance.

more effective care

Juji chatbots can read between the lines to truly understand each user as a unique individual and personalize care delivery, improving care outcomes.

chatbot use case: build the best AI chatbot for healthcare

Fast to Build

Compared to other chatbot builders, Juji's pre-built AI and no-code chatbot builder enables you to build empathetic and responsible chatbots for healthcare, rapidly.

50-100X faster

than any other chatbot builders

100% no coding

chatbot setup and customization


Easy Integration

Healthcare chatbots often run as part of a bigger healthcare application (e.g., a mobile healthcare app). Juji supports easy integration of Juji chatbots with any healthcare apps.

For better accessibility, you can also use Juji chat API to augment a chatbot with voice or additional language capabilities.

integrating Juji chatbot with third-party app using Juji API

How It Works


Three Steps to Set up

Juji Studio enables you to build and launch a chatbot for delivering telehealth care in three (3) key steps.

No coding required.

chatbot use case: chatbot flow design for healthcare chatbot

Design Care Workflow

Like creating PowerPoint slides, design a main chat flow containing key care steps. Customize each step, such as gathering user stat or sending a reminder.

chatbot use case: Q&A chatbot for healthcare

Upload Healthcare Q&A

If your chatbot needs to provide users with care-related information, follow this step-to-step guide to enable chatbot Q&A. Skip STEP 1 if you just need a chatbot for Q&A.

ai chatbot platform: launch a healthcare chatbot

Launch Chatbot

Launch your chatbot. Launch it on your website or Facebook Messenger. Use Juji API to integrate the chatbot with your own healthcare apps.


ai chatbot platform: Manage Chatbot

Real-time Chatbot Analytics Dashboard for Deep Insights

Juji Studio provides you with a real-time dashboard to view and interact with care analytics and use the insights to optimize care outcomes.

You can also download the data in a portable format (CSV) for further analysis or actions.

best chat design: use chatbot analytics dashboard to view user questions and improve chatbot to deliver best ai chat

User Question Analysis

For fast comprehension of care data, Juji automatically analyzes user-asked questions and visualizes the stats. So you can get a quick glance on what users care about.

best chat design: use chatbot analytics dashboard to view unanswered user questions and improve chatbot to deliver the best ai chat

User Characteristics Inference

Juji analyzes free-text chats and automatically infer user unique characteristics on the fly. Such insights can then be used to deliver personalized care (e.g., encouraging adherence)


Use Cases

Healthcare chatbots can be used to automate diverse healthcare or well-being tasks, such as care information delivery and care management. Check out each of the use cases below.

healthcare chatbot use case: Personal Wellness Assistant - Telehealth Chatbot

AI Powered
Personal Wellness Assistant

healthcare chatbot use case: Personal Wellness Assistant - Telehealth Chatbot

healthcare chatbot use case: personalized chatbot as personal wellness assistant

Main Responsibilities

I am made to check in on users regularly (e.g., daily), monitoring their well-being and guiding them through wellness routines, such as writing a reflective journaling for maintaining mental well-being.

Depending on the situations (e.g., someone has been coughing for 3 days), I can send reminders or alerts and guide individuals to the next best action. I can also answer user questions or requests (e.g., updating insurance information or making a doctor's appointment).


healthcare chatbot use case: personalized chatbot to deliver care information

AI Powered
Care Information Assistant

healthcare chatbot use case: Care Information Assistant - Telehealth Chatbot

Main Responsibilities

I am made to engage with users 24x7 to provide them with healthcare or wellness information on demand. I can interpret natural language inquiries and retrieve requested information directly, relieving users from wading through multiple websites or web pages to find such information.

I can also answer complex questions that may require multi-turn interactions. For example, to help a user find a particular procedure, I may need to ask the user several questions beforing finding the right information.


healthcare use case: chatbot as care information assistant
healthcare chatbot use case: AI Triage Assistant - Telehealth Chatbot

AI Powered
Care Triage Assistant

healthcare chatbot use case: personalized chatbot as healthcare triage assistant

Main Responsibilities

I am made to engage with users and triage care requests. My tasks include gathering critical data, answering care questions, as well as routing care requests based on gathered data.

During the triage process, I can also help on the paperwork and address user questions, such as acceptable insurance or payment plan.

Best Practice

To achieve the best ROI of a triage chatbot, design the chatbot with the following capabilities using Juji Studio and Juji API together. Specifically,

  • enable a question answering chatbot to answer visitor questions;
  • enable care providers to deliver more personalized service by using reading between the lines AI to extract user characteristics from the chat;
  • enable a conversational triage process by "wrapping up" triange questions, if your triage questions are dynamically generated from another source.


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