Cognitive AI for
Customer Engagement

Juji powers cognitive AI assistants in the form of chatbots to automate customer engagement.

Have a two-way conversation with each customer at scale, 24x7. Automate customer support and improve customer experience.

Why Juji is Better


Customer service chatbots are to automate customer support—repetitive help-desk tasks, and deliver personalized help at scale, 24x7. As described below, Juji's solution excels in four areas: chatbot service quality, implementation speed, chatbot maintenance, and chatbot handoff and integration, which provides you with the overall best ROI of customer service chatbots.

Superior Chatbot Quality

Compared to other customer service chatbots, Juji super AI enables chatbots to deliver higher quality customer service and greater customer satisfaction by handling:


service automation potential

best chat design: question and answering chatbot using pre-built AI and without coding

Fastest to Implement

Compared to other chatbot builders, Juji's pre-built AI and no-code chatbot builder enables you to build customer service chatbots with all Juji AI powers, mostly in a single day instead of weeks or months.

50-100X faster

than any other chatbot builders

100% no coding

chatbot setup and customization


Easiest to Maintain & Improve

Like any AI solutions, customer service chatbots need to be maintained and improved. Juji's real-time AI learning enables you to teach and improve live customer service chatbots with uninterruptive service, which no other chatbot builders can offer.

real-time notification

of unanswered user questions

instant improvement of live chatbot

without interrupting ongoing chats

best chat design: use real-time ai learning to improve ai chatbot and deliver best ai chat
best chat design: use chatbot analytics dashboard to view user answers and enable best ai chat

Flexible Handoff and Integration

Customer service chatbots often need to be integrated with third-party systems, such as accessing product catalog and supporting chatbot-human handoff. Juji supports such integration in multiple ways.

Even better, Juji chatbot can provide human agents or third-party systems with deep user insights, such as user unique characteristics, gathered from the chats to facilitate the next best actions.

How It Works


Three Steps to Set up

Juji Studio enables you to build and launch a powerful customer service chatbot rapidly in three (3) easy steps with no-coding.

Chatbot questions list

Prepare Q&A List

First, prepare a Q&A list in a CSV file in this simple format. Use the Juji customer service chatbot template to create a new chatbot and then upload the CSV file.

best chat design: multi-turn question and answering (Q&A) chatbot

Define Multi-Turn Q&A

Use chatbot analytics dashboard to define Q&As involving multi-turn interactions. Like designing a main chat flow, you design a multi-turn Q&A flow for the chatbot to interact with users and help fulfill their request.

best chat design: use real-time chatbot analytics dashboard to monitor and improve q&a chatbot

Launch Chatbot

Once you're ready, launch your customer service chatbot. You can launch it on your website, Facebook Messenger, or your mobile app via Juji API.


AI chatbot platform: manage chatbot

Management Dashboard for
Real-Time Monitoring & Update

Juji Studio provides you with a real-time dashboard to monitor and manage a customer service chatbot.

Periodically monitor the dashboard to address action items—any unanswered user questions and improve your chatbot. You can also view and download user insights for the next best action.

best chat design: use chatbot analytics dashboard to view user-asked questions and deliver best ai chat experience

User Question Analytics

Use Juji dashboard to view audience informationgleaned from chats, including the types of questions user asked and user characteristics for personalized customer service.

best chat design: use chatbot analytics dashboard to view dunanswered user questions and deliver best ai chat

Unanswered Question List

Use Juji dashboard to view unanswered user questions gathered from user chats in real time. You can then address these questions to improve a live chatbot instantly.


Best Practice

The best customer service chatbot should go beyond answering customer questions but turn a passive customer support process into a proactive customer engagement. With Juji Studio, you can easily design a customer service chat flow to achieve all following goals in a customer service chatbot:

best chat design: customer service chatbot elicits customer feedback

Case Study

There are many chatbot use cases for customer support automation across industries. Our case study is a chatbot for healthcare use case. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of volunteers has built Jennifer, a chatbot on Juji to combat misinformation and answer public's questions regarding COVID-19.

deploy customer service chatbot for customer support automation


born: March, 2020

Main Skills

I was made in just one day and has now been trained on 15,000+ questions about COVID-19. I can answer a wide variety of questions, such as treatment development and confirmed cases by location.

Main Achievements

3600+ hours

no-stopping service


question answering rate


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