Cognitive AI for Education

In the form of chatbots, Juji cognitive AI assistants automate high-touch student engagements empathetically.

Deeply personalize learning experiences and boost learning outcomes.

Cognitive AI Learning Assistant

AI assistant with human soft skills serves as a student's personal learning companion

Scientific studies find that both student engagement and learners' personality impact students' online learning experience and outcomes. The challenge is how to engage with each student and deeply personalize their learning experience at scale to boost their learning outcomes.

Juji's cognitive AI assistants can augment learning professionals to scale out student engagement by serving as each student's personal learning companion and aid the lifecycle of learning management: student recruitment, onboarding, learning and assessment and alum engagement.

best no code education ai chatbot design: education ai chatbot in the lifecycle of students
education chatbot use case: Program Assistant - Education Chatbot

AI Assistant for
Student Recruitment

education chatbot use case: student recruitment - Education Chatbot

Engage with prospective students in two-way conversations, answering their inquiries, eliciting their interests and contact, and aiding prospect decision making.

education chatbot use case: program assistant

Main Responsibilities


Best Practice

To maximize recruiting effectiveness, design your AI assistant to engage with each prospect in a true two-way conversation.


chatbot use case: personalized chatbot guides student actions

chatbot use case: Learning Assistant - Education Chatbot

AI Assistant for
Student Onboarding

chatbot use case: personalized chatbot AI Personal Learning Assistant - Education Chatbot

Engage with new students in a two-way conversation, building a deep learner's profile and using the insights to personalize learning experience and retention.

Main Responsibilities


chatbot use case: personalized chatbot in education as personal learning assistant
chatbot use case: AI Teaching Assistant - Education Chatbot

AI Assistant for Learning and Assessment

chatbot use case: AI Assistant for Learning and Assessment - Education Chatbot

Engage with each student in a two-way conversation on demand during the moment of their need or accompanying them as their personal learning companion in the learning process.

chatbot use case: chatbot as teaching assistant

Main Responsibilities

chatbot use case: Alum Engagement - Education Chatbot

AI Assistant for
Alum Engagement

chatbot use case: personalized chatbot AI Personal Learning Assistant - Education Chatbot

Engage with graduates or alumni in a two-way conversation, staying in touch and encouraging them to continue learning new skills.

Main Responsibilities


chatbot use case: personalized chatbot in education as personal learning assistant

Why Juji is Better


AI can transform learning to maximize student success. Powered by super AI, a unique combination of generative AI and cognitive AI, Juji's education solution enables the best-in-class chatbots to aid both students and instructors, aiming at delivering superior user experience and learning outcomes. These chatbots are also faster to build and easier to be integrated with other education applications.

Superior User Experience and Learning Outcomes

Compared to other education chatbots, Juji chatbots are superior in delivering engaging experience and optimizing learning outcomes.

engaging experience at scale, 24x7

With active listening skills, Juji chatbots can help educational organizations engage with their audience (e.g., existing or prospect students) 24x7, answering questions and providing just-in-time assistance.

personalized learning

Juji chatbots can also read between the lines to truly understand each student as a unique individual. This enables Juji chatbots to serve as a student's personal learning assistant or an instructor's teaching assistant, to personalize teaching and optimize learning outcomes.

ai chatbot demo: education chatbot demo


chatbot use cases: education chatbot

Fast to Build

Compared to other chatbot builders, Juji's pre-built AI and no-coding chatbot builder enables you to build powerful chatbots for education, rapidly.

50-100X faster

than any other chatbot builders

100% no coding

chatbot setup and customization


Easy Integration

Education chatbots may need to run as part of a learning platform or application (e.g., a mobile learning app). Juji supports easy integration of Juji chatbots with any learning platforms or apps.

For better accessibility, you can also use Juji API to augment an education chatbot with voice or additional language capabilities.

ai chatbot platform: integrating chatbots using chat API

How It Works


Three Steps to Set up

Juji Studio enables you to build and launch a chatbot for aiding students, instructors, or program admins in three (3) key steps.

No coding required.

chatbot flow design: design main chat flow of an education chatbot

Design Main Chat Flow

Like creating PowerPoint slides, you can manually define a main chat flow or ask AI to auto-generate one. Each step in the flow is a chatbot-initiated action that is customizable, e.g., informing prospects about the unique qualities of your learning programs.

customer service chatbot use case: education Q&A chatbot

Set up Chatbot Q&A

Follow this step-to-step guide to enable chatbot Q&A for intended users, e.g., students or instructors. If your chatbot just needs to support Q&A, you can skip STEP 1.

chatbot use case: launch an education chatbot

Launch Chatbot

Launch your chatbot whenever you're ready. You can launch it on your website or Facebook Messenger. Use Juji API to integrate a chatbot with an learning platform or a learning app.


ai chatbot platform: chatbot management

Real-time Dashboard for
Student Insights

Juji Studio provides you with a real-time dashboard to view and interact with user analytics and use the insights to optimize learning outcomes.

You can also download the data in a portable format (CSV) for further analysis or actions.

best chat design: use chatbot analytics dashboard to view user demographics and build personalized chatbot

User Demographics

Juji automatically aggregates and analyzes demographics data and visualizes the summary. So you can get a quick glance on where users came from and when they interacted with the chatbot.

best chat design and best ai chatbot: use chatbot analytics dashboard to view user psychographics and build personalized chatbot

User Psychographics

Juji analyzes free-text chats and automatically infer user unique characteristics on the fly. Such insights can then be used to deliver personalized learning experience (e.g., suggesting suitable learning method or materials)


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