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Juji API

Juji exposes the same API that powers our Web application to our users.


The Juji API is based on GraphQL. We support cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) so you can interact with Juji from any client-side application that supports GraphQL.

Once you've logged in to Juji platform, you can access the in-browser GraphiQL IDE to explore Juji API and execute queries.


This API reference covers only important concepts of using Juji API. Please use the interactive GraphiQL IDE to read the detailed documentation of all Juji GraphQL API calls.

For your code to access the API, put this GraphQL API endpoint in your code. Please note: this URL is for your code to access, not a destination for human to visit in browser, you will get {"error": "Unknown server resource."} if you open it with a browser.

Sample Application

To demonstrate the use of our API, we also maintain a command line based Juji client written in node.js. You can play with the client to see what the API offers:

npm install juji-client

The MIT licensed source code of the client is at As you can see, it took less than 200 lines of JavaScript code to have a client that chats with a Juji bot.

What's Next