Interactive Scripting
Cognitive AI Chatbot

Juji IDE is an interactive development environment for scripting and testing Juji cognitive AI chatbots. Similar to using Javascript, much easier than AIML.

Why Chatbot Scripting

Juji is a full stack AI chatbot platform. While Juji Studio enables you to build AI chatbot with no coding, Juji IDE enables you to further customize a chatbot for more advanced functions. Use the criteria below to decide which tool to use or use both together.

no coding AI chatbot builder for best chat design

When to use Juji Studio
(no-coding chatbot builder)

If you prefer to build a chatbot using a graphical user interface (GUI) with no coding and your primary needs are to:

best chat design: interactive scripting of ai chatbot

When to use Juji IDE
(scripting a chatbot)

If you don't mind coding, similar to coding up a web page in HTML or Javascript, and your primary goals are to

  • build a chatbot involving complex business logic (e.g., displaying data in an interactive chart)
  • plug-in third-party AI (e.g., NLP) or your own functions
  • package your custom chatbot elements for reuse

How It Works


First, script an AI chatbot, which is to describe a chatbot's behavior in a computer language. Second, compile or directly preview the chatbot. After you are satisfied, you can then launch the chatbot to meet your audience.


Script Chatbot

Similar to programming a web page's behavior in HTML and Javascript, you use Juji REP language to describe a chatbot's behavior. Here is a step-to-step guide to script a chatbot.

As shown in the examples below, Juji REP language is a high-level chatbot scripting language that enables you to customize various chatbot elements at a high level. Minimal coding skills required (e.g., the abilities to code HTML or Javascript).

best chat design: using a development environment of ai chatbot
best chat design: defining a custom conversation topic of ai chatbot in chatbot flow design

Custom Conversation Topic

Write a custom conversation topic as shown above to deeply customize your chatbot with unique business logic. Juji will automatically manage the topic activation and interruptions at run time.

best chat design: customize chatbot fallbacks
		  of ai chatbot

Advanced Chatbot Q&A

Add your advanced chatbot Q&A or custom fallback to customize your chatbot behavior. Enable it to properly respond to complex user questions or interruptions during a conversation.

best chat design: reuse chatbot flow design

Reuse Custom Elements

To save time and effort, reuse the custom topics you have already written to build chatbots. You can do so easily by just copying and pasting the topics into your custom file shown above.


best chat design: compile and test chatbot


Compile Script and Preview Chatbot

one-click to compile your chatbot script or preview (implicit compilation) your chatbot, instantly.

follow the compilation messages to debug your script, fix errors, and iteratively improve your chatbot.

compile chatbot script

Compile Chatbot Script

Click on the "Compile" button to compile your chatbot script. Follow the compilation messages to resolve any errors.

preview and test a chatbot

Preview Chatbot

Click on the "Preview" button to compile and preview your chatbot. Test and improve the chatbot iteratively.


Juji Studio + Juji IDE


To build an AI chatbot, you can take advantage of both Juji Studio and Juji IDE. Specifically, you use Juji Studio to create, deploy, and manage a chatbot, while using Juji IDE to customize the chatbot when you could not do so in the GUI. As shown below, Juji Studio auto-generates all the stubs for you to customize.

best chat design: no coding AI chatbot builder

Chatbot Creation in Juji Studio

Create an initial chatbot in Juji Studio. Juji will automatically generate a set of chatbot script files. Click on the red round icon located at the lower left of the window (see above) to access the files in Juji IDE.

customize ai chatbot using scripting

Chatbot Customization in Juji IDE

Use the code editor in Juji IDE to view and edit the auto-generated stubs (see highlighted above). Write custom topics in the .custom and .faq file to customize the chat flow and chatbot Q&A, respectively.


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