Cognitive AI for Information Elicitation

Juji powers cognitive AI assistants in the form of chatbots to engage with each respondent in a two-way conversational survey or interview.

Elicit higher-quality responses and make happier respondents.

Cognitive AI Survey Assistant

AI assistants with human soft skills serve as empathetic and responsible interviewers

Many organizations, such as educational institutes, healthcare organizations, and government agencies, conduct surveys or interviews to gather information from target audiences. One of the main challenges is how to overcome survey fatigue and gather quality responses.

Juji's cognitive AI assistants can augment researchers, scientists, and business professionals alike to engage with respondents in a two-way conversation at scale, delivering engaging survey experience and eliciting high-quality responses. Follow the design best practice to maximize conversational survey outcomes.

education chatbot use case: Program Assistant - Education Chatbot

AI Assistant for
Conversational Surveys

survey chatbot

Engage with respondents in two-way conversations, asking them questions and eliciting their responses.

conversational survey chatbot example

Main Responsibilities

  • ask respondents open-ended and choice questions to elicit both qualitative and quantitative input.
  • answer respondent questions during a survey to make clarifications, provide guidance, or prevent faking.
  • read between the lines to infer audience psychographics and better understand the "why" behind the collected responses.
  • automatically summarize free-text responses to open-ended questions to generate consumable insights


Best Practice

The best survey chatbot should engage survey respondents in a true two-way conversation to deliver an engaging experience and elicit quality responses. With Juji Studio, you can easily design a survey chatbot to achieve all the following and conduct effective surveys:


chatbot use case: personalized survey chatbot guides respondent actions

Why Juji is Better


Online surveys are important for conducting user or market research. However, survey fatigue is now a major challenge faced by anyone who wishes to collect data due to extensive use of online surveys.

Juji's conversational survey solution humanizes surveys with AI to combat survey fatigue and help you achieve the best survey ROI from two aspects: better survey results and faster to insights. No technical skills required.

Better Survey Results

Compared to traditional online survey tools or other survey chatbots, Juji chatbots can better engage with respondents through a natural conversation and gather higher quality responses.

In particular, Juji chatbots can achieve:

78% better data quality

than traditional online surveys by asking open-ended questions and their follow-ups to elicit rich participant input.

2X completion rate

of traditional online surveys by auto-handling user digressions (e.g., gibberish input and excuses) to ensure survey completion.

best chat design: use no-coding ai chatbot builder to design chatbot flow for a survey chatbot

Faster to Insights

Juji's pre-built AI and no-code chatbot builder enables you to build and launch high-performance survey chatbots and obtain insights, fast.

100% no coding

similar to using SurveyMonkey or Qualtrics, but with full AI powers to obtain higher quality insights

instant insights

obtaining real-time response (including free text responses) and audience analytics


How It Works


Three Steps to Set up

Juji Studio enables you to build and launch an AI chatbot for conducting conversational surveys in three (3) quick steps with no-coding.

chatbot flow design: design a survey chatbot with best ai chat

Enter Survey Questions

Like creating a survey on SurveyMonkey, create a chatbot by entering multiple choice and open-ended questions. Customize each question as needed, e.g., indicating required questions or user response length.

best chat design: test a chatbot to ensure the delivery of best ai chat

Test Conversations

Preview your chatbot often for fast testing and improvement. Follow these chatbot design tips to ensure the quality of your chatbot, e.g., adding answers to anticipated user clarification questions.

best chat design: use real-time chatbot analytics dashboard to monitor and improve Q&A chatbot

Launch Chatbot

Once you're ready, you can launch your survey chatbot. You can launch it on your website, Facebook Messenger, or your mobile app. You can also share the chatbot URL via email or other channels.


best ai chatbot platform: support of chatbot management

Real-time Chatbot Analytics Dashboard for Instant Insights

Juji Studio provides you with a real-time dashboard to view and interact with survey results and analytics as surveys are being conducted.

You can also download the results in a portable format (CSV) for further analysis or actions.

best chat design: use chatbot analytics dashboard to view user analytics and deliver best ai chat

Choice-Question Response Analysis

For fast comprehension of results, Juji automatically computes the statistics of survey responses collected from choice questions and visualizes the stats.

best chat design: use chatbot analytics dashboard to view unanswered user questions and improve chatbot to deliver best ai chat

Free-Text Response Summarization

Juji automatically summarizes the free-text responses to open-ended questions and displays the extracted main themes (topics) and representative statements.


Case Study

Collaborating with Interpret, a market research firm specializing in media, entertainment, and technology, Juji helped build a chatbot to interview about 300 gamers and elicit their opinions about game trailers. For comparison purpose, a typical Qualtrics survey was also conducted and the results from both surveys were compared.

chatbot use cases: case study of a survey chatbot


born: July, 2018

Main Skills

I was made to ask open-ended questions and survey gamers about their opinions on two newly released trailers. I was also able to handle various digressions during a survey, such as gibberish responses and user excuses, to ensure survey completion and the quality of responses.

Main Achievements

2X completion rate

of a comparable Qualtrix survey

78% better data

than the Qualtrix survey


chatbot use cases: a case study of survey chatbot

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