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The Easiest Way to DIY AI Chatbots

Different Needs. Different Tools.


Business Owners


Juji offers the world's most powerful AI chatbots. They enable you to automate customer interactions and achieve maximum ROI.

automate customer interaction with a human touch

Augment Manpower. Scale Business. Grow Profit.

better customer experience

24x7 Availability. Personalized Care. Brand Bonding.


Freelancers | Agencies

power chatbots with AI to up-sell chatbot services

Superior chatbots for handling complex tasks. Anytime Q&A. Personable.

maximize profit margin

Serve more powerful chatbots, faster. Improve the bottom line.


Juji offers a one-stop platform to build, deploy, and manage powerful AI chatbots. Easier than making non-AI chatbots.


Marketing Professionals


The Juji platform enables marketing team to DIY powerful AI chatbots with no coding and no dependencies on developers.

run conversational marketing without bothering developers

Full control with no coding. Faster results. Accomplish more.

more time on high-value tasks

Automate repetitive tasks with chatbots. More time on fun, creative tasks.



chatbot is the new social media

67% customers used chatbots to interact with brands. 80% businesses will use chatbots by 2021.

easiest way to conduct chatbot research

Design, build, and deploy. Experiment with different chatbot behavior. Study their impact.


Juji's DIY platform enables you to easily build, deploy, and monitor chatbot behavior and study their impact.

AI Shopping Assistant

My Role

I live in a Facebook Messenger to greet visitors, introduce products, and answer questions to convert traffic to sales.

My Superpowers

I work 24x7 and can concurrently help hundreds of thousands website customers—always with a great attitude

  • Personalize product introductions
  • Answer product questions anytime
  • Infer visitor profiles to personalize shopping experience

"This bot was sooo nice. It even complimented almost every time and it was not annoying at all to answer the questions. Very good AI."

—a game shopper

If you wish to outsource it to an agency, email hello@juji.io

AI Concierge

My Role

I live inside a web or mobile application to help visitors navigate information, automate customer support, and infer their needs and wants to optimize customer conversion.

My Superpowers

I work 24x7 and can concurrently guide hundreds of thousands users to the right place at the right time

  • Lead "lost" users to the right page
  • Answer user questions
  • Infer user profiles to personalize engagements

"I just tried Juji. It worked pretty well and I had a nice conversation with it. I was most impressed when it told me at the end I am a very curious person"

—a website visitor

If you wish to outsource it to an agency, email hello@juji.io

AI Receptionist

My Role

I live on a virtual site (e.g., an attorney's Facebook page or a car mechanic's website) to greet visitors, qualify leads, and expedite deal flow.

My Superpowers

I work 24x7 and can concurrently greet hundreds of thousandsusers—always with a warm heart and cool head

  • Ask open-ended questions to qualify leads
  • Answer FAQs
  • Infer visitor profiles to route them to the right human teammates

"I thought this was a very interesting conversation. It's nice that you inquire the way that you do. It allows the user to really look deep down to find the answers."

—a user who chatted

If you wish to outsource it to an agency, email hello@juji.io

AI Research Assistant

My Role

I help researchers, such as UX and market researchers, conduct 1:1 qualitative interviews to achieve 10X cost efficiency and gather more authentic data.

My Superpowers

I work 24x7 and can concurrently interview hundreds of thousands respondents—always with a calm and objective manner

  • Ask open-ended questions to elicit valuable input
  • Probe answers to deepen a conversation
  • Analyze free-text input to extract actionable insights

"the whole time I was doing this survey it felt like I was talking to a friend and sharing the same common ground. I loved that... I wish it didn't have to end"

—a survey participant

If you wish to outsource it to an agency, email hello@juji.io

AI Office Admin

My Role

I turn a boring application (e.g., job applications) or onboarding process into a fun chat experience and extract actionable insights from the conversations.

My Superpowers

I work 24x7 and can concurrently chat with hundreds of thousands of applicants or members—always patient and unbiased.

  • Ask open-ended questions to gather authentic data
  • Probe answers to elicit deeper info
  • Infer users' characteristics to determine the next best action

"Over time, I felt more casual speaking with [AI] than an actual person! The experience was almost like writing in a journal or to a friend, which I believe could open up some interesting attributes about candidates."

—a job applicant

If you wish to outsource it to an agency, email hello@juji.io

The Juji Platform

Three DIY Tools. Meet Different Needs. Simple or Complex.

Juji Studio

DIY AI chatbots for Facebook Messenger or website

Juji Studio enables easy design, testing, launch, and managing of AI chatbots via intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) with no coding.

Easier Than Using PowerPoint

Juji IDE

Scripting super AI chatbots with advanced intelligence

Juji IDE enables you to customize AI chatbots to fulfill complex tasks, handle deep conversations, and create custom dialog library.

Easier Than Writing Javascript

Juji API

Integrate Juji AI chatbots into your own app

Juji API enables you to easily integrate Juji AI chatbots (made by Juji Studio or IDE) into third-party applications. Make such chatbots a "native" element of your app.

Simple Standard APIs

Unleash Your AI Chatbot Today