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Juji Tutorials

This page hosts a set of video tutorials including the recording of our weekly live webinars on how to design, customize, and integrate Juji cognitive AI assistants (aka cogitive AI chatbots) for various applications. For a full set of tutorials or recorded video demos, please visit the Juji Youtube Channel.

Get Started

This two-minute video shows how to get started on Juji, and create and deploy your first AI chatbot.

NO CODE Conversational AI Design

The videos under this section teach how to design engaging, empathetic, and productive AI chatbots with NO CODE.

How to Deliver Engaging Conversations

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How to Ask Questions

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How to Handle User Free-Text Q&A

During a human-AI conversation, human users may have questions. This set of videos teaches how to create AI chatbots that can handle diverse or even complex user FAQ.

Handle simple FAQ

This 38 seconds video shows how to make an AI chatbot on Facebook Messenger to answer user's free-text questions anytime during a chat, without any coding.

Handle Multiple Steps Q&A

In many use cases, e.g. customer support, given a user question, an AI chatbot must gather additional information before it can satisfy the user's inquiries. This one and half minutes video shows how to teach an AI chatbot to handle such multi-step question and answering without any coding.

How to Design a Deeply Personalized Chatbot

If a chatbot can personalize its messages to each user, it will help make a human-AI conversation more engaging and productive. The videos in this section show you how to make a chatbot personable.

Personalize a Chatbot by User Personality

This 47 seconds video shows how to enable an AI chatbot to personalize each message based on a user's persona. Such a persona is automatically inferred on the fly based on the user's chat with the AI chatbot.

Personalize Product Introductions

This 3-minute tutorial shows how Alicia makes a personalized production introduction based on user input.

AI Chatbot Applications

This section contains the design for domain-specific uses of AI chatbots.

Smart Greeter on a Website

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Smart E-Commerce on Facebook

This tutorial shows how to create, customize, and manage AI chatbots for E-commerce applications on Facebook Messenger. Alicia is an AI assistant living in a Facebook Messenger and can help e-commerce businesses greet their customers, introduce products, answer customer inquiries, and discover customer insights.

Select Custom Fallback

Integrate Juji Chatbots with Third-Party Systems

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