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Domain Nouns

To effectively leverage Juji API, it is useful to understand the data schema of Juji platform. Juji data is organized with the following domain nouns.


A brand is synonymous to an organization.


An engagement is a chatbot project created under a brand.


REP is abbreviation for Responsible Empathetic Persona. It is the identity of a chatbot, with a name and a personality. Each engagement has a REP.


A release represents a versioned deployment of one engagement. Thus an engagement may have multiple releases. This allows you to refine your bot without impacting your production release.


Each release is associated with a corresponding script in REP Language. The script is identified by a unique namespace. The namespace has a format <brand-name>.<engX>.<rep-name>, where X is the sequence number of the engagement, e.g. mycorp.eng3.kaya


REP often asks questions in a chat. Each question is associated with the namespace in which it resides, as well as a question id that is unique in that namespace.


A participation represents one instance of a conversation by an end user with a REP. A participation is always associated with a release.


Each end users answer to REP's question is recorded, along with the participation in which the question is answered.