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Do I Need AI Chatbots

There are many hypes and hopes about AI chatbots. If you are wondering whether you need an AI chatbot, a quick test below may help you make a decision. Additionally, there are many chatbot platforms out but not all of them can make AI chatbots. If you decide to make an AI chatbot, use the second test below to help you find the right chatbot platform that can live up to your expectations.

The main differences between non-AI and AI chatbots are their abilities to engage with humans, glean human insights from a chat, and personalize such engagements. If you are still unsure which type of chatbot you need, you can use the following quick test to determine whether you need an AI chatbot.

  • Do you want your chatbot to interact with your audience, e.g., answering user free-text questions any time during a chat?

  • Do you want your chatbot to handle multi-step tasks with highly diverse user paths that are difficult to numerate or anticipate?

  • Do you want your chatbot to bond with your audience through social interactions and handle exceptions gracefully?

  • Do you want your chatbot to learn insights of your audience from a chat and use such insights to help them in the chat?

  • Do you want your chatbot to improve and learn over time?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you need an AI chatbot. Additionally, you can use the above questions to evaluate whether a chatbot is an AI chatbot and its capabilities.

What's Next

If you believe you need an AI chatbot, the next step is to select a proper AI chatbot platform that will enable you to power a useful and usable AI chatbot. Use the criteria mentioned in which AI chatbot platform to use to evaluate and select the right platform.