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An AI Chatbot for Your Prospects


Taking on a learning program such as data analytics and management: financially and time wise. This cognitive AI chatbot is meant to augment recruitment or marketing professionals to get to know prospective students, answer their questions, assess their fit to the program, and guide them in their decision making.

Click on the avatar to experience how a Juji cognitive AI chatbot engages with prospects, 24x7. Even better, any recruitment staff member can rapidly set up and manage such an AI assistant customized to their programs with #NOCODE or no IT required.

What You Should Try

  • Could you assess my fit to your program See how the AI automatically assesses the fit.
  • any financial aid See how the AI provides in-depth information and suggest potential follow-up actions to help address financial concerns.
  • HELP See what the AI chatbot can answer.

Caution: Most of this AI chatbot is automatically generated by AI with little human effort for demo purpose only. So some of the chatbot responses may be inaccurately generated. If you see a response with "#" at the end, it means that the chatbot understands your question but does not have the answer yet.

cognitive AI chatbot is a responsible AI and delivers best ai chat

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