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Engage Your Franchisee Prospects in
Two-Way Conversations


Making a decision of becoming a franchisee business owner is not a light decision. And running a particular franchise business may not be for everyone.

Interact with our live demo chatbot on this page to experience how a Juji cognitive AI assistant can engage franchisee prospects at scale, 24x7, assessing their fit to Radfield business and answering their questions about Radfield. Even better, any Radfield franchise professionals can set up and manage such an AI assistant customized to their context with #NOCODE.

What You Should Try

  • Answer the chatbot questions and stick to the end to see whether you'd be a fit for starting a Radfield Home Care business.
  • Text "HELP" to see what the chatbot can answer about Radfield
  • Text a question about Radfield to see how the AI answers the question.
cognitive AI chatbot is a responsible AI and delivers best ai chat
Top challenge in university online programs: engage students at scale w/ a human touch

What This Demo Does

  • Ask prospects questions to get to know them
  • Assess a prospect's fit to the ideal Radfield franchisee profile based on the AI-inferred personality traits of the prospect
  • Answer prospect questions and address their concerns

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