Empathetic AI Helpers

Draw out personal insights with
1:1 conversations at scale

Empathetic AI Receptionist

My Role

I live on your website to greet your visitors, elicit their needs, and infer their personality so you can optimize your sales operations.

My Superpowers

I work 24x7 and can concurrently greet hundreds of thousands website visitors—always with a cheerful attitude

  • Ask open-ended questions to extract the why behind every visit
  • Answer FAQs
  • Infer visitor profiles to personalize future engagements

"I just tried Juji. It worked pretty well and I had a nice conversation with it. I was most impressed when it told me at the end I am a very curious person"

—a website visitor

Empathetic AI Interviewer

My Role

I help researchers, such as UX and market researchers, conduct 1:1 qualitative interviews to achieve 10X cost efficiency and gather more authentic data.

My Superpowers

I work 24x7 and can concurrently interview hundreds of thousands respondents—always with a calm and objective manner

  • Ask open-ended questions to elicit valuable input
  • Probe answers to deepen a conversation
  • Analyze free-text input to extract actionable insights

"the whole time I was doing this survey it felt like I was talking to a friend and sharing the same common ground. I loved that... I wish it didn't have to end"

—a gamer respondent

Empathetic AI Admin

My Role

I turn a boring application (e.g., job applications) or onboarding process into a fun chat experience and extract actionable insights from the conversations.

My Superpowers

I work 24x7 and can concurrently chat with hundreds of thousands of applicants or members—always patient and unbiased.

  • Ask open-ended questions to gather authentic data
  • Probe answers to elicit deeper info
  • Infer users' characteristics to determine the next best action

"Over time, I felt more casual speaking with [AI] than an actual person! The experience was almost like writing in a journal or to a friend, which I believe could open up some interesting attributes about candidates."

—a job applicant

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