Personalize Your Brand to Delight Every Fan

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Improve Visitor Engagement

Your fans love your brand and products for different reasons. For example, some love you because your products make them stand out and achieve a sense of prestige, while others adore you because they find your products practical and consistent in quality.

To highlight who your customers are and why they love you, Juji analyzes your fans and automatically derive your representative fan personas. The derived insights can then be used to humanize product descriptions by highlighting who likes what and why on your landing page. Such messages help you better engage like-minded vistors, who can easily relate to your products and bond with your brand.

Guide Customers to Buy

Instead of asking your customers to fill in a lengthy survey, Juji analyzes their opt-in data (e.g., tweets) and automatically infers their unique needs and wants, including what makes them tick and what ticks them off. Juji then uses the results to recommend What's You—hyper-personalized offers that best suit one's needs or wants from the very first login.

Maximize the Value of Social Proof

Like attracts like. People tend to trust and value the opinions of like-minded others. To help a customer find social proof that s/he can trust the most, Juji automatically infers the characteristics of social proof providers and enables the customer to easily discover the opinions of the like-minded providers.

By augmenting your social proof with personal characteristics of the providers and personalizing the social proof for each customer based on his/her traits, your social marketing becomes more transparent and trustworthy for your customers to rely on in their decision-making processes.