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Juji API enables you to integrate Juji AI chatbots with external applications or power external chatbots with Juji super AI.

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Why Chatbot API

Juji Studio and Juji IDE allow you to build, launch, and manage stand-alone Juji AI chatbots. Juji API, on the other hand, enables you to make Juji AI chatbots part of your own application or upgrade your existing chatbot with Juji superior AI powers.

Still not sure if you need to use Juji API? Depending on the type of chatbot you want, use the information below to decide.

building stand-alone AI chatbot

When not to use Juji API
(building stand-alone AI chatbot)

If you want a chatbot and your answer is true to all the statements listed below, you don't need to use Juji API.

  • the chatbot will run on a website or in Facebook Messenger but not in any other channels.
  • the chatbot will run on its own instead of being part of another program or application.
  • the chatbot will only text (e.g., no voice capability).
interactive scripting of ai chatbot

When to use Juji API
(building integrated AI chatbot)

If you build a chatbot application that must satisfy one or more requirements listed below, you will need to use Juji API.

  • the appearance of the chat window or chat messages must match with my brand.
  • the chatbot needs to be part of a mobile/web app and be tightly linked to business logic (e.g., user app activities).
  • I already have a chatbot and just want to add AI.

Juji API Advantages

Juji API is based on graphQL, which allows a client (your application) to query data from a server (the Juji server). GraphQL API has several advantages over other forms of API service (e.g., REST)

Juji API Advantages

How It Works


Juji API can be used alone or in conjunction with Juji Studio or Juji IDE to enable AI chat in diverse applications. Below we introduce three main types of Juji API applications.

No-Coding AI Chatbot Builder


Integrating Juji Chatbot in External Applications

Similar to making PowerPoint slides, you design a chatbot flow, customize chatbot persona, and supply a chatbot Q&A list.

Juji will automatically manage how a dialog flows, handling arbitrary interruptions and maintaining the conversation context.

no coding sentiment analysis

Design Chatbot Flow

You define a chatbot flow as if you make PPT slides: one slide per conversation topic. Each topic is a chatbot-initiated action. Juji auto-generates a mini-dialog around each topic and links all dialogs.

dialog library with pre-built AI

Customize Chatbot Persona

You can customize your chatbot persona to match with your brand or tasks. You can select a stock persona or define a custom persona, which requires a profile photo and a persona name.

design the main chat flow

Define Chatbot Q&A

To set up your chatbot to respond to user-initiated actions, e.g., user questions and requests, you can supply your chatbot with a list of questions and corresponding answers. Enter them in a CSV file or a GUI table.

Out-of-the-box AI Experience

Unlike other chatbot builders, Juji Studio provides many pre-built super AI powers. So you can focus on designing conversation content instead of teaching your chatbot AI skills.

no coding sentiment analysis




point-and-click chatbot deployment to Facebook Messenger, website, or mobile app, instantly.

worry-free hosting that auto-scales with your business.

Deploy Chatbot
build Facebook Messenger chatbot with super AI

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Deploy your chatbot in Facebook Messenger to automate customer interactions on Facebook. Boost customer engagement, gain deep customer insights, and grow social media ROI.

build website chatbot with super AI

Website Chatbots

Deploy your chatbot on your website as your "eyes" and "ears" to interact with your site visitors. They can introduce products, answer visitor questions, and gather sales leads.


Grow Business



use report dashboard to view real-time chat stats and audience analytics for the next best action.

integrate with additional tools, e.g., marketing and CRM, to transform data insights into growth and profits.

summary of user questions asked during a conversation

User Question Analytics

Juji automatically analyzes questions asked by users during a conversation. This informs you what your users care about and what challenges they are facing so you can best help them.

summary of user answers gathered during a conversation

User Response Analytics

Juji automatically summarizes user responses gathered during a conversation. This informs you what your users are like, what motivates them, and what they need so you can best serve them.


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